FABulous Bridal Affair

Three Days This Week
Thursday – Saturday
10 am – 5 pm

No Appointment Necessary
109 West Main Street – Molalla 


NO GOWN OVER $599  - Original Values to $3600 


Monday Mornings and Wednesday Afternoons
Call Mari to schedule @ 503-739-5199 


THREE DAYS THIS WEEK!  Thursday – Friday – Saturday
10 am – 5 pm each day!

Hundreds of Designer & Couture Wedding Gowns on sale NOW!

Every gown priced up to 85% off original retail!
You WILL Save Hundreds!  You MAY Save THOUSANDS!

FABulous Affordable Bridal Annex
109 West Main Street
Molalla, OR 97038 

  No Appointment Necessary Thursday –  Saturday

Also Open Monday and Wednesday By Appointment Only – Call Mari 503-739-5199

 Prices start as low as $99 and are up to 85% off original retail!  Take your gown home the same day! NO waiting and hoping your gown will arrive in time!

Sizes 4 – 16 in stock now!

Pledge a donation to YOUR favorite charity and receive up to an additional $100 off the wedding gown of your dreams! 

Discount Designer and Couture Wedding Gowns

If you would like to set an appointment to try on gowns, please call 503-739-5199 and ask for Mari!

Lowest Prices Ever In Our New Bridal Annex!

EXCHANGES GLADLY – Up To The Day Of Your Wedding!!

 You will LOVE the great selection!


You will LOVE the great selection!

 NEW designer gowns at a fraction of their original price!
Save up to 85% on exquisite gowns.

NO waiting for your dress to arrive – NO second-hand, previously worn, or consignment gowns
~Limited number of Verde’ Collection still available ~

 Pledge a donation to YOUR favorite charity and receive up to an additional $100 off the gown of your dreams!

Donation to be made DIRECTLY to YOUR favorite charity!
Sizes 4 – 16  in stock now – Gowns beginning as low as $99.


Recession Proof Your Wedding!

Look for a FABulous Bridal Affair coming soon  to a city near you!
Sacramento – Seattle – San Francisco – Chicago -  Cleveland – NYC – WDC – Atlanta – Houston – Dallas
Kansas City – St. Louis – Lexington – Boston – Portland, ME – Charlotte – Phoenix – Oklahoma City – Nashville

Your Wedding Day

What an exciting time of your life!  There’s no question about it!  Your wedding should be a day of magic – an affirmation of your love; a day of tenderness, joy, great emotion and beauty. It’s the day every little girl dreams of – her wedding day!

As with any great event there must be a lot of planning and hard work to insure that everything will run smoothly!  We are here to help!  “Fabulous Affordable Bridal” knows that creating the magic in your day includes finding the perfect wedding gown.

However, while shopping for your wedding gown is a milestone toward making those wedding dreams come true, seeing the price tag shouldn’t turn those dreams into a nightmare.

Finding the Perfect,  Incredible Wedding  Gown

begins and ends at a Fabulous Bridal Affair. Quite literally scanning the globe to bring you the hottest new gowns for prices that you simply won’t find anywhere else, Fabulous Affordable Bridal (FAB) is committed to seeing you in a dazzling NEW gown for a price that won’t break the bank.

You have other things you’d like to shower money on! You’re  a woman of today and  know that spending more than you have to, on anything, just isn’t  logical in today’s economy! And the best news is, it isn’t necessary! Getting the perfect gown for your long awaited wedding day can happen… and it can happen without spending a small fortune.

Glide down the aisle to meet the man of your dreams in the hottest new wedding fashions to be found anywhere, smiling just a little more because you know you look your absolute best and you saved a bundle at a Fabulous Bridal Affair, coming SOON to a city near you!   Click HERE to find cities.

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